HERS & Title 24 Test in Sacramento

HERS Test in Sacramento at Norcal HERS includes an evaluation of home’s thermal and pressure boundaries, insulation levels, duct system(s), attic and/or basement/crawlspace performed by accredited professionals using state-of- the-art equipment and diagnostic tools.

Title 24- way to save on energy bills

According to the Title 24 of the California, Business & Residential constructions and renovations must complete HERS Testing and get rating paperwork to open and close permits. HERS Test at Norcal starts with gathering initial information, free phone consultation and schedule a convenient time for home HERS test in Sacramento. Experts conduct a brief survey with some basic questions regarding a specific area of concern and conduct an in-depth evaluation. At Norcal HERS, there is a crew of specialists who can implement recommended energy efficient upgrades. This saves the hassle of finding reputable workers, and they also perform a test-out on homes they upgrade to confirm that they have improved the energy efficiency.

Process of HERS Test

  • Comfort and concerns consultation.
  • HERS & Title 24 Test
  • Refrigerant Test
  • Air Efficiency Test
  • Duct Test

Norcal HERS Home Energy Evaluation includes:-

• Interviewing client to get a better understanding of your areas of concern.
• Completion of an external walk around to inspect the gas meter for leaks, HVAC systems, foundation, roof, roof vents, windows, siding and storm water drainage.
• Inspection of the home and ductwork for mold and mildew, exposed wiring, gas appliance ventilation, insulation type/amount, and ductwork system leaks.
• Examination of the combustible appliances (water heater, range/oven, and heating system), making sure the systems are in good working order and venting properly.
• Running a blower door test to expose leaks around windows, entry doors, baseboards, top plates, bottom plates, band joists, and other penetrations, etc.
• Deciphering areas of infiltration and exfiltration with infrared cameras.
• Creating a personalized E3 Home Energy and Comfort Recommendation Report.
• Discussing options with the client and helping to determine next best steps based on the return on investment.