El Dorado Hills

HERS Test & Title 24 in El Dorado Hills, Norcal HERS

According to the Title 24 code of California, residential and commercial constructions and renovations must get HERS Test done and get rating paperwork to open and close the permits; it’s a requirement. HERS Test in El Dorado Hills is a test to identify how to conserve energy in your home or commercial building. It also identifies how and where losses are occurring and suggest appropriate economically viable engineering solutions enhance energy efficiency in the system studied.

Norcal HERS Test in El Dorado Hills provides insight into the modes of better utilization of resources and high-grade energy and exploration of renewable energy options.

HERS Test that we offer in El Dorado Hills

  • Refrigerant test
  • Duct Test
  • HERS Test
  • Title 24
  • Fan Efficiency Test

Understand your energy consumption and utility bill in El Dorado Hills

An energy assessment, which includes an analysis of your energy consumption, will reveal how energy is used in your home. Understanding where energy is being used will empower you to make adjustments and improvements that will result in lower energy bills and/or greater comfort.

Understand the home energy efficiency of your home

Due to the complexity of homes, the only real way to understand how it is performing is through an energy audit. A comprehensive energy assessment, which includes a complete inspection of all parts of the home, diagnostic testing, modeling/analysis and detailed report, will unravel the mysteries. The exact energy efficiency of your home can be compared to current standards and best practices.

Once the comfort and efficiency details of your home are figured out through an energy assessment, recommendations for improving home performance can be formulated and quantified to help you make decisions about which to pursue.

Get connected with valuable resources and attractive rebates

Understanding your home’s unique characteristics, and which steps to take, enables you to focus on measures to take to improve the energy efficiency of your home. You will specifically be able to ensure that the improvements you target will have the desired outcome. Additionally, you will be able to take advantage of available rebate programs.