NorCal is your one stop shop for completing Title 24 paperwork or a HERS Test for your Concord home or commercial building.

With certified professional equipment and years of expertise, NorCal HERS will ease the process of obtaining your permit and fulfilling requiredTitle 24 paperwork for your Concord home. Our standard testsinclude Duct Test Concord, Air Flow Test, Refrigerant Test, Blower Door test, and more.

California law requires homeowners to obtain building permits that are compliant with Title 24 and HERS Testing standards.These measures exist to ensure that your home is energy efficient and works to lower energy costs. NorCal Hers is equipped to conduct HERS Tests and smoothly guide homeowners through the process with minimal hassle.

DUCT Test Concord: The Duct Test is one of the primary HERS tests that our technicians will perform for your Concord home. Using specialized equipment, our raters examine your vents and ducts system to assess if it is properly sealed and free of leaks. Duct leaks are the #1 culpritfor energy inefficiency, and sealing them will have you spending less money for cooling or heating your Concord home.

Air Flow Test: Our technicians measure the air-flow of an HVAC to ensure that the air flow is balanced throughout your home or office. We have necessary testing equipment to conduct an Air Flow Test for your Concord home.
Refrigerant Test: Determines if refrigerant levels and pressure charged in the HVAC system meets energy standards.

Blower Door Test: This tests the pressure inside and outside of the house or building to test for indoor air quality.NorCal HERS’s trusted technicians have years of experience measuring air tightness and determining air leaks, as well as suggesting solutions that improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Air Balancing Test: NorCal HERS offers balancing services to ensure that the air flow and HVAC system operates at its intended capacity.

HERS Test Concord& Title 24 paperwork are necessary to obtain your building permit, and NorCal HERS simplifies this process for Concord homeowners and companies alike. Whether you are in need of obtaining a permit or upgrading your systemaccording to the newest energy efficiency standards, NorCal HERS-certified testers will operateefficiently to completeyourhome or building’s energy audit with minimal hassle.